We Buy & Sale

We specializes in the sale of high quality refurbished used desktop computers, laptops, macs and computer accessories and more.

Our company is provided you with all the functionality of used computers at a greatly reduced cost. Our company has good trading record and rank in web trading networks. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale used computers and LCD monitors, please feel free to contact us.

We sell used computer systems which are refurbished professionally by us. During the refurbishing process each used computer is tested, defective parts if any are replaced, cleaned and restored according to the original manufacturer specifications. When buying from us you can be assured of products quality. 

We stock brands such as Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM and other reputed brands. We have a large stock of used, tested and refurbished computer and laptop for sale at cheap and best prices. Our company is proud that most of our customers continue to buy from us for years and even when trying other suppliers come back to us. Quality is our goal and we provide warranty to maintain customer satisfaction. 

We are also selling Accessories

• Computer Accessories In our used computers accessory shop you can find the branded accessories at low price and also we can provide bulk orders of computer accessories for resellers and corporate, etc. These refurbished high quality accessories are sourced from reputed IT companies, Schools, Colleges, Corporate etc.

Our Computer accessory products are:

• Motherboard

• Processors

• Memory

• Hard Disc

• Optical Drive

• Keyboard 

• Mouse

• CRT Monitors

• LCD/LED Monitors

• And Laptop accessories. 

Lots of used computers:

Buy in bulk for your business or your friends and save. eTechServe offer cheap used computers lots plus you will save more money from our discount shipping rate.

NOTE:All prices & polices are for Internet orders only, store prices & policies may vary.All prices are in INR Rupees.

Computers Asset Management

We are computers and IT equipment disposal ,clearance contractors who buy, collect and recycle surplus and redundant I.T. equipment from Indian companies, providing secure and comprehensive data removal options. We work in partnership with an extensive network of clients throughout India. If you have surplus or redundant IT and computers equipment that you would like valued then eTechServe is the company you have been looking for, We offer a FREE evaluation .Please email us at support@etechserve.in